You Betcha We Have Mosquitoes!

Tomato/tomatoes….potatoes/potato, mosquito’s or mosquitoes….it doesn’t really matter how you spell it. We have them, mosquitoes that is….and in abundance I might add.

Think about it. Minnesota “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. What a recipe. Water, some heat and there you go….Mosquitoes or Mosquito’s.

Having just returned from a trade show in Las Vegas where temps were consistently over 100 degrees, I’ll take the little buggers. In fact, I’ll take all that Minnesota has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I like Vegas and I enjoy warmth but given the chance to escape for a quick visit versus making my residence there? I’ll take Minnesota in one slap of the hand.

I love the four seasons and while I might bellyache a bit over extended cold periods or a summer that seems to short, I am reminded how much I love these changing seasons as soon as I step off airport property elsewhere.

Just this morning, as I walked my ‘loop’ the temps were 56 degrees and will hit 82 degrees later today. I watched geese carried by the gentle wind as they gracefully made their landing approach in the river. A doe and twin fawns with the breaking sun as a backdrop were grazing in the field along my path. The whiskers of the fawn’s loaded with dew as they munched morning breakfast. In fact, I can feel the changing of the seasons especially during the early morning hours. Farm trucks going this way and that…busy as bees as the harvest season has begun. The fall cycle has started as farm fields of waving grain soon turn into bins of grain and soon the earth will be blackened as farmers work the land in preparation for next spring. Apple trees are starting to show shades of red as the once tiny morsels are much larger and weighing down tree branches. Just this morning I could hear the whistle and distant commands of football hopefuls as the fall sports seasons have started. The changing of the seasons here in Minnesota mean that summer boat traffic will be replaced by school bus traffic. Weekends that included cabin getaways will now be occupied by weekends of athletic events. In a short while, hard water will come and ice fishing and snowmobiling will be amongst us. Our lawnmowers in hibernation will be replaced by snowblowers or old fashion one horsepower shovels.

For Familylaser as a business, the changing of the seasons also means opportunity and excitement. Late summer and fall bring thoughts of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the holidays. That means a busy business season for us. Mix in fall weddings, anniversaries, baptisms and back to school events and here we go.

We forecast our purchasing needs all the while hoping to do better than our favorite weatherman on TV. Our work desk is usually covered with acacia cutting board designs, bamboo serving bowls and/or bamboo serving platters. We do multiple new layouts for maple cutting board designs and we experiment with the new Olive wood cutting boards. Our Kern Laser equipment runs overtime during this season as we are both filling custom laser wood product orders and doing mock ups of new personalized wood products.

The four seasons of Minnesota are why we live here but they are also good for us in terms of business. Each season brings a new beginning, a wake up and opportunity. The first fresh snowfall that blankets the earth, the first robin we see in our yard, that golden brown Walleye that comes through the ice…they all reflect the excitement of a changing season. That excitement carries over to the business world and we are grateful for that.
Ya, you betcha we have Mosquito’s, but we also have the four seasons and we are cool with that.

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