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Long before Familylaser became a business, life was simple. The patriarchs were non parents so life was a mixture of work, the outdoors, extended family and simplicity. Then things changed. A set of red heads came into the world followed by a little sister (red head as well) and the family dynamics changed. Sports, piano, school, playtime followed by hair spray, makeup, dresses and young men and of course along came college, freedom and new young men. When the whirlwind seemed to settle down, the three girls all found the men of their dreams and by the way, made good choices. For a brief moment following their respective marriages, the three redheads also lived a life of work, outdoors, extended family and simplicity but of course, the cycle started to repeat itself and now here we are….13 of us.

First we have mom. Supermom to all of the Familylaser family. She cooks, changes diapers, reads bedtime stories, gives baths, quilts, sews, and often times shares a favorite song with a little one at 3 in the morning. Supermom for sure.

Dad on the other hand might not be up at 3am in fact, probably not up at 9pm but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t contribute. His work shifts are long and productive usually starting somewhere around 5am and going until someone shuts the lights off. While he is motivated by the opportunity to build a business, there is nothing that motivates him like his family. From his time with Supermom to the youngest grandchild…it’s all about family.

“One” of course is Amber and she holds that title because she is number one. That means she beat twin sister Ashley into this world by 10 minutes. Amber is proud momma of Kaden and Reid and lifetime companion husband Derek. Amber handles Familylaser’s social media end of things….when she isn’t changing diapers or fixing meals. In the spare time, Amber is a dental hygienist. Busy momma number one!

“Middle”, you guessed it right, is Ashley, twin to Amber. Ashley has her masters in Speech Pathology and works in Fargo at Independence Elementary. Ashley and Adam are proud parents of Jackson who just met his new brother Eli. Ashley is Ms Creative and works on graphic designs as well as helping with the website and Facebook. Ashley is a taskmaster and one to hold you accountable. Busy momma number two!

“Little” came into our lives last and of course, is the little sister. Amie is a Special Ed teacher by trade but in our world, she is the GLUE! “Little” holds the fort down, together, assembled…whatever you want to call it. She is 100% Familylaser and she is Ms Multitasker as she oversees it all. Quickbooks, sublimation, lasering, graphic design, inventory control, shipping. You name it, it has her name on it. Amie and her hubby Matt are proud parents of Camden. Busy, busy momma number three!

Together we make up the Familylaser team with a super supporting cast of husbands, other family and friends. Whatever talents each of us bring to the table, the one common denominator is our combined effort to produce as a team. While we design, laser, customize, personalize and sublimate, it’s worth nothing if we can’t do it together and if our customers aren’t given what they deserve.

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  1. That story of family translates into one dedicated family doing business as they would expect it for themselves! Strong family bond and commitment to customer satisfaction makes Family Laser the “go to” business for me for special products with a personalized touch. I am one well satisfied customer with every thing I’ve ordered from Family Laser!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind, amazing words! You have always been so supportive and willing to spread the word about Familylaser. We can’t thank you enough and appreciate it more than you may know!

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