Do What You Love To Do

“Wealthy” is an inspiring word. It conjures up a smorgasbord of definitions and it triggers our minds to ponder a multitude of “what if’s”. Just the word itself can bring to mind celebrities, lottery tickets and fleeting images of everything from yachts, private planes, designer homes and schedules of nonsense. “Oh how nice it would be to be wealthy”… lets admit it… we all have said that to ourselves a time or two.

While there is nothing dishonorable about wanting wealth and all the trinkets that go with it, the truth is that there are many ways to be wealthy minus the pinstripes, fancy cars or blossoming bank accounts.

Doing what you want to do for example is at the top of the list in terms of being rich. Waking up each morning knowing that you love where you are at in your life and that you are doing something you love to do. Immeasurable.
Of course, paychecks allow us to keep going, meet demands and allow us that freedom but those of us in private business also recognize that paychecks too come in different forms. Its bonus time when we hear that little voice in the background knowing that we need to drop what we are doing and tend to child caring. It’s a cash cow when we adjust our busy calendar so that our family can escape on an impromptu getaway. Those nights when the lights are on well into the evening are justified, because we know we set our schedules and our credo of ‘work hard, play hard’ means quality family time coming just around the corner. The wonderment of creating something, getting paid for it and turning that event into a domino multi sale is a catalyst far greater than bank balances. It inspires us, fuels us and inputs generous well earned self esteem.

At Familylaser, our goal is not unlike anyone else in the business world. We want to be known, be profitable, and build something. Just like you, we are rolling the dice. We are strategic, continually revamping our business plan, trying to be innovative and most of all…build our company one customer at a time. Having said that, there isn’t a day that doesn’t go by where we are not giving thanks for the opportunity to do this together, as a family team. Our team has a variety of backgrounds yet we love this idea of doing what we love to do…..together. There is no substitute for self imposed accomplishment based on hard work and team work. While our daily schedule incorporates lingo such as laser engraved, personalized gifts, custom wood cutting boards, olive wood, zebrawood, bamboo, acacia or wood lasered wedding gifts…it also includes children, diaper changes, family getaways, and teamwork.

Doing what you want to do literally affords us opportunities many in this world don’t have. Doing what you want to do is a Familylaser definition of being wealthy. How lucky we are to do what we want to do.

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