Are You a “Pro” Procrastinator?

It’s morning, a favorite time of the day. The sun is bursting through the tree line and the dew is disappearing from the blanket of green outside our window. It’s going to be another banner day. A mug of hot coffee in hand, we sit down to relax, maybe catch up on today’s news and as we sip that first taste of java, we suddenly realize that this is Tuesday and Saturday is the big wedding. Our brain starts to fire signals like a July 4th fireworks display. “Meetings all day Wednesday, travel on Thursday and back mid day Friday. Kid’s soccer game Friday afternoon. Need to pack for the wedding. Gonna be out of diapers by Thursday.”

GOTCHA! You are a procrastinator!

Face the facts, we are all procrastinators. Because of us, our existence, we have drive through banking and fast food pick up windows. The express lane at the grocery store is because of us. Valet parking wouldn’t be a job title if it wasn’t for us procrastinators! Because of procrastinators, the microwave was invented and remote car starters were born.

It’s human nature to stall things, put them off and of course, in this busy world we all live in, keeping the T’s crossed and the I’s dotted truly is a challenge. Mix in a few kids, some school and sports, our personal lives, our enjoyment activities and all the makings are there for us to be a “Pro” procrastinator.

One of the remedies we have seen at Familylaser requires a bit of discipline but only for a short amount of time. Our business sees a variety of buying formulas on a weekly basis. We have those who “need it by Thanksgiving” when we are mid way through August and then we have those who need it this weekend as we ease into the beginning of that week. Of course, we do our best to accommodate all requests but the late planners, the ‘emergency, I need it now no matter what the cost” ones are the head scratchers. Often times we see where our customers purchase a product and then spend more on two day air than on the product itself!

As we get to know our customers we begin to see patterns and of course the advance planners get high marks from us not to mention we appreciate their planning strategy. Such planners take a moment (i.e. the discipline mentioned above) and map out their calendar the best they can. They identify weddings, anniversaries, and special birthdays and holidays that are important to them. As you can imagine, each of those events has a special requirement and/or budget. These customers then match up the gift selection to that event and use that road map to keep them supplied in a timely fashion. In fact, some customers also purchase a more generic gift item to simply have on hand; after all, we all get caught off guard once in a while.

Our lineup of products can allow you to meet your budget and still provide exceptional gifts no matter what your road map is. We have a wide assortment of everything from beechwood cutting boards, acacia wood platters, bamboo cutting boards, olive wood serving trays, maple cutting boards, crushed bamboo meat and cheese trays, walnut and maple lazy Susan’s, Cedar platters and more. All of our products can be personalized to meet your needs. Our gallery of products includes custom lasered wood home décor items that certainly will meet your needs. Additionally, personalized wood products are a surefire hit with homes no matter who the recipient is. Want to spend under $20 on a personalized wood gift? No problem. Have that special friend that deserves a chef’s monogrammed cherry chunk board that is defiantly high end? We have that too. How about that cracker and cheese lover? Why not a personalized cracker and cheese board complete with serving utensils cleverly hid inside? Whatever your price range or your taste in personalized wood gifts, our lineup of product can meet your needs.

Take the “Pro” off your procrastinator title with our help. In fact, change your title from procrastinator to maybe ‘entry level procrastinator’. How so? With our help of course. Sip that java, read the news and know that with a road map, that Saturday wedding won’t tip your world upside down.

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