The Importance of Trade Shows

Trade shows aren’t for everyone. Not all trade shows are great trade shows. It’s difficult to pick the correct show. Trade shows can be expensive, time consuming and at times, frustrating. Sound familiar? While the above can be true, there is a flip side to trade shows.

The trade show industry is a huge business by itself. There is a trade show for everything and just like the world we live in, there is full docket of shows both good and bad.

At Familylaser, picking the correct trade show is like finding that one special supplier of acacia wood cutting boards. Sometimes we nail it spot on the first attempt while other times, history would show that we had to sort through two or three suppliers before we met our quality needs. In the end, when we find that supplier (or in this case that correct trade show), then life is good.

Our company goals at trade shows are multiple. We are looking to meet suppliers we use and reconnect with the faces behind the phone. Often times we are first in line to view new products or pick up new information about what is new and will be offered soon. Most shows will exhibit product that is not listed in catalogs or on websites. Of course, being able to see products first hand, pick them up, handle them and do our own quality control checks is priceless.

Familylaser recently returned from the World Market Show in LasVegas. Without question, 90% of the goods displayed were not for us. We knew that but we also knew that the 10% that would be relevant would be of excellent quality and probably unique. We weren’t disappointed. In our case, we met with vendors we do business with who were exhibiting at this show. Firsthand we saw products that are soon to be announced. We also discovered other products that are not in catalogs or on websites.

In our search for ‘other products or suppliers’ we found a company offering red alder cutting boards, serving trays, pate boards, knife holders, etc. All made in the USA, high end and of great quality. This company produces much of what we are looking for plus some unique different offerings we will showcase soon. We also hit the jackpot with an olive wood supplier. Look for us to announce olivewood cutting boards, serving trays, olivewood serving platters of unique sizes and shapes. Additionally, a supplier of cedar products will allow us to carry cedar serving boards, cutting boards and more. All of the above products are a result of attending this show. It should be noted as well, that everything we currently carry plus the addition of the new products are A) able to be personalized wood products, laser engraved and B) are all sustainable wood products.

While a trade show may not be for everyone, it is part of our business plan and it is important for Familylaser. We justify it as a means of providing the best service to our customers as we can.

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