November truly is a special month. Where we live, November is a transitional month as the fall colors of October and the cool evenings are suddenly replaced by blankets of snow with hibernating trees all tucked away as they wait for the spring sun. In fact, today as we look out our window, strong November winds combined with new snow are reminding us that Mother Nature is in charge. We tweak the thermostat, fill our coffee mug one extra time and confess to ourselves that winter is here.

But, November is also the month we celebrate the holiday called “Thanksgiving”! It is a time of celebration that usually includes family, gourmet food and a brief reprieve from chilly thoughts. At Familylaser, from a business perspective, we lead up to the Thanksgiving holidays by filling a variety of orders. We engrave everything from laser engraved host gifts to celebratory gifts for the day itself. Beautiful Acacia Norwegian saddle trays are very popular. We can envision this product loaded with Grandma’s fresh baked bread right from the oven. A number of personalized wood cutting boards are heading to Thanksgiving destinations as well. Everything from Maple cutting boards, Acacia boards, Red Alder cutting boards to the beautiful Acacia end grain boards. Some of our cutting boards seem to be made just for celebrations like this. For example, we have cutting boards with contoured features so that Grandma’s turkey is nestled onto the board ready to be attended to. We have a number of cutting boards that have generous juice grooves that obviously make the task easier. In all cases, be certain that when we are personalizing these products, we can envision that golden brown steaming hot turkey gracing the wood cutting board while family and friends salivate! Olive wood also is always a favorite, no matter what time of year but certainly for Thanksgiving as we see a large uptick in those asking us to customize olive wood products. In all cases, our product line is such that a deserving gift for the host/hostess is available in a variety of sizes and types as well as price.

On a personal note, we celebrate Thanksgiving in a traditional manner. Our homes are filled with family and friends and while the Thanksgiving menu is exceptional and the decorations and desserts are above and beyond, we take great faith in knowing that for us, it’s all about the word “Thanksgiving” itself. Our Thanksgiving blanket of love reaches far and wide. We give thanks that under one roof we can enjoy time with our grandmas, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, grand and great grands. We give thanks that we live in a great country that allows us to publicly exercise the power of prayer and that we can openly debate the politics that shape and mold the USA. As much as it is possible to create special thanks, we do so for our servicemen and women who give so much for the words “USA” and “Freedom”. To you, our customer, we thank you as well for your patronage for you have made many things possible for a father and three daughters.

Familylaser would like to greet everyone with Thanksgiving wishes. From us to you, enjoy this holiday with your family and friends. Drive safe, shake hands, snuggle with babies, give hugs, soak up the moment and let Thanksgiving propel you to a better place in your life.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
The Family at Familylaser

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