Happy Mother’s Day!

In our production shop at Familylaser, there are a number of items getting ready to be shipped. A quick scan of the outgoing product line tells the story. Mother’s Day is just around the corner. In preparation for this special day, we have a number of selections going out the door. Olivewood serve trays, customized cutting boards, personalized laser engraved Mother’s Day cards and bread boards with a special “Mom” logo laser engraved on it are at the top of the purchase list. It’s a fun work schedule that gives us insight to how people reward their mom’s with special laser engraved custom gifts.
Given the fact that I am the only male on the Familylaser team, mixed in with the genetic ‘early to rise’ gene all contribute to much contemplation during these early hours as I prep product for shipment. Of course, that contemplation is focused around the Mother’s Day theme.
For example, I am wondering who came up with the Mother’s Day concept. Was it Hallmark? Did some special man connect the dots and lobby the forces to recognize mom’s? Did Father’s Day come along second as did other celebratory holidays?
The more I think about it, the more I recognize how Mother’s Day is like no other holiday. Let me tell you why.
My mom, for example, comes from a family of 12. She is the single remaining living member of that family. She grew up during a time that my generation will never understand. Being “poor” meant little in the bank account and yet beyond riches when it came to sibling love and appreciation. During her lifetime, income came from everything such as home grown gardens, brothers who ran paper routes, bartering and trading for groceries, odd jobs here and there all mixed in with a dependence on brothers and sisters that was unequalled. They lived to support each other and they supported each other to live. That’s just how it was. Obstacles were met head on as there was no other choice. That included everything from the Depression to sending brothers, husbands, and dad’s off during World War II. Through all the tough times, a focus on her Christian faith maintained and grew.
Today, mom is 91+, battles macular degeneration to the degree that her eyesight is all but gone and yet showers us with her beautiful smile and endless humor. She raised us five siblings through some challenging times and along the way, has been a beacon of strength. Like many other mom’s of her generation, she has given and given to make her children’s life better than hers. I have told my children, that if I could give them the spiritual gift that my mom has given us, it would be the greatest tribute I could leave. While mom battles her eyesight challenges, she does it with grace, dignity and fierceness. She may be 91 but if it’s time to sing a hymnal in church, she is on her feet and signing like she is the only one in attendance. If the Star Spangled Banner is playing, you will find her on her feet, hand over her heart and singing it word for word. Instead of shying away from the public (because of her eyesight), she embraces it and shows amazing passion for life as she engages in conversation all the while determining who that voice belongs to. If you were to write a script for my mom, given the circumstances, her existing script would be perfect as she spiritually and emotionally is in the best place she can be. Having said that, it is important to recognize that it is what it is because she fights for that and she alone has made that happen. She is an incredible mom. Always has been, always will be.
Of course, “Mother’s Day” is more all encompassing than my mom. My darling wife deserves all the Mom’s Day accolades as well. A mom of three beautiful daughters didn’t come easy. A string of unsuccessful pregnancies leading up to the birth of our twin daughters created many peaks and valleys for us as well. I tend to work hard remembering her difficulties when I battle the flu, have an itty bitty temp and my wife is serving this sick guy (?) up some soup. Contrast that to the morning sickness that my wife battled each time she was pregnant, the hormonal and body changes as the babies grew, the sleepiness nights she faced, the swollen feet and the delivery room miracles and I tend to work harder on remembering. This is a mom who lost a child at 8 months pregnant and yet fought her way through all the negativity eventually giving birth to three beautiful daughters and then dedicating her daily life to them. She is an incredible mom. Always has been, always will be.
And then there are my three little girls, all grown up and now mothers themselves. Perpetuation is a good thing in this case as they are all models of their mom, perpetuating excellent mothering loves….nurturing, caring and living for their children. Between the three of them, we are blessed with five grandsons. This May and July, we will welcome two more children into our lives thanks to these moms. The three of them are incredible moms, always have been, always will be. Promise.
Who can give more to this world than a mother? That is a question I ask myself during the early morning hours of contemplation. It really isn’t a question, but rather a challenge to me to remind myself of all that mothers do. Mother’s Day, it’s a special day because of incredible moms. Always has been, always will be.

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. I have tears while I write this . What a beautiful woman your mother is.The zeal for life she has. I can see her singing with joy in her heart and God smiling as she blesses her loved ones around her. Thank you for sharing as I feel I just received a treasure of an angels story .

    1. Thank you so much, Patsy! We appreciate you taking the time to write your thoughts. As always, we love your support for our family and business!

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